Midland 2 Way Radio Parts & Accessories

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Midland is one of the leading companies in manufacturing some of the best innovations of the two-way radios consumer sector. Along with its product line, the brand also ensures to produce top-quality accessories to ensure the long run of its products. From headsets and mics to chargers, Midland offers all communication radios Parts & Accessories.

Accessories To Enhance Performance

Midland recommends replacing the batteries with original Midland batteries for optimal performance. Similarly, an Ear Wrap Headset allows for hands-free use of most Midland GMRS two-way radios. The Helmet mic allows you to use your two-way radio with an open-faced helmet. You have to simply mount speakers inside the helmet and mount the PTT on handlebar using included wiring harness with dual-pin connector. The Disposable Lithium Batteries keep your radios running longer without the hassle of recharging. The Security Headset has a transparent behind-the-ear microphone and earpiece that fit directly into your ear canal. Turn most Midland GMRS/FRS Radios into discreet security communications tools.

Accessories To Make Your Life Easier!

All of us know that two-way radios make your communication easier whether you are working in a big factory, wandering in the wild, or working on a large farm. You can make your communication more efficient and effective with the help of two-way radios accessories by Midland. The easiest and efficient way to protect your walkie talkie and maintain easy access is with a holster. Midland two-way radio holster is both protective and functional. Midland has the accessory that fulfills your requirements, whether you need a headset or you need a replacement battery.