Midland NOAA Weather Radios

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In the era of smartphones and tablets, it may seem outdated to have an NOAA weather radio. The reality is that while they may seem old fashioned, weather radios are still an important tool that may save you or your family’s life in the event of severe weather.

Why One Must Own NOAA Weather Radio?

One of the foremost reasons why a weather radio is a necessity in your home to keep you informed if the power goes out for a long period. How many among us operate our devices with less than 50% battery life? Nowdays mobile games easily wipes all the juice out of your cellphones during a power outage, but that is when we need to receive updated notifications and alerts the most. Midland NOAA weather radios run on both A/C as well as back up battery in the event of power outages, and some even have solar panels and a hand crank on them, too. The recent storms and flooding that have destroyed many parts of United States serve as a severe warning of how crucial it is to be prepared when it comes to bad weather. One of the primary preparedness things you should have is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio.

Stay Fully Informed With Midland NOAA Weather Radios!

Midland weather radios receive seven weather channels from NOAA or Environment Canada. These channels provide tornado, flood, and thunderstorm alerts. You can also program these weather radios to receive Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME), so you get all the weather alerts relevant to your area. You can even program up to 25 counties or provinces into the radio's memory for quick recall. The weather radios feature a USB charging port for your smartphone or tablet. As long as your radio's connected to an AC outlet, your device will recharge. When the lights go out, the radio itself can keep working, powered by 4 AA batteries.