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Midland has been there for your radio communication needs for more than fifty years now. The brand has established itself today as the most trusted manufacturer of handheld two-way radios and CB radios. Midland has innovated how communication takes place where the most advanced of our smart high-tech devices fail. From weather alert radios to emergency radios, Midland is a prime reason why CB and 2-way radios are still in use, in their powerful and advanced form.

Reliable in Unreliable Environments!

When all else fails, Midland Radios stand. The brand has designed radios that take your messages clear in the harshest environments and weather conditions. Innovating emergency radio technologies completely, Midland's emergency radios have garnered distinct consumer trust. And, the brand is a consumer favorite for all other remote outdoor communications.

The best Two-Way Radios in the market!

Midland has created a space in every communication gap that our high-tech cell phones won't fill. The remote unreachable networks, the high-density workplace circles, on-the-road companions, on the water, the brand leaves a mark everywhere! Today, Midland is without a doubt the producer of the best Two-Way Radios in the market and the pioneer of innovations in radio communication technology. Over the years, Midland, the brand name, has made itself identical with quality, reliability, and value. Over & Out!